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Using Foundation Guard™ Moisture Control System provides a technically superior and more cost effective alternative to traditional foundation repair and maintenance.

The "traditional" answer to foundation repair has been to erect "piers" to jack up the foundation and raise it off the expansive clay soil. While piers are now and always have been an important part of foundation repair, when correcting for expansive clay shrinkage one should also consider the drawbacks of piers, they are very expensive and installation is often destructive, they often cause additional damage to the foundation as well as interior walls and are hard on vegetation and landscaping. The foundation may fail again and again between pier locations, and often the piers themselves fail. When soil dries again and shrinks, the house begins to rely more and more on the support of the piers and the original foundation was not designed for these pressure points. When the evaporation reaches the center of the structure it often caves and that is an even more invasive and expensive repair!

Foundation experts and engineers advise that it is essential to maintain constant moisture of the soil around and beneath the foundation. Studies of foundation problems on clay soil at the University of Texas at Arlington have proven this to be true.

Foundation Guard treats the underlying foundation problem, not merely the symptoms. Foundation Guard™, our Moisture Control System, delivers the exact amount of water necessary to slowly replenish and maintain moisture around and beneath the foundation. If, and only if, you need more drastic measures we have associations with a number of reputable firms and will be happy to make recommendations!

Our website contains information on foundation repair and maintenance using Foundation Guard™.

Whether you are an engineer, foundation contractor, or a homeowner, feel free to contact us by phone or email us for more information or for a no obligation, no charge estimate for any of our services.