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My wife and I appreciated the work provided by you and your service personnel today.

We had your drip system installed around our home in Briargrove about six years ago and we have been very pleased with the results. Homes in our neighborhood have had significant and expensive problems with their foundations. When we began experiencing some shifting and movement we feared that we would soon be facing a huge foundation repair bill. However, since we have had your system, not only have the cracks closed, but also we have not had significant movement in our foundation, even in the drought conditions of 1996. Your system has certainly worked for us!

Sincerely yours,
Robert M. G.


Several years ago I made the decision to have a Rain Sensor System installed around my home.

I want to take this opportunity to advise you that after five years of using this, I am extremely pleased with the way the system functions.

It’s so very nice not to have to drag hoses here and there and discover that you are watering the concrete and brick instead of the ground, not to mention having the ants crawl up the hoses and being stung.

Believe me, it was one of the smartest decisions I have made in regards to my home.

Mrs. Alfred M.
Pearland, TX

Hello Doug,

For some time I’ve wanted to write you a Letter of Reference for the good work you have performed for us. Well, here it is. Please feel free to use this letter anytime.

Four years ago my grandmother and I were faced with a major foundation problem on our 30 year old, 3,000 sq. ft. home. We have all the signs; cracked walls, cabinets and doors that wouldn’t work any more, etc.

Now, this home, before foundation problems became apparent, was valued at $275,000. We have to do something. We called over for inspection about 12 engineers and foundation companies.

They all told us the same depressing news, that:

1. The cost would be $55,000 for repairs with no guarantees.
2. Or, nothing could be done, the home was beyond repair.

Both situations were unacceptable.

Then we found your company,
Foundation Guard™.

You proposed a whole new way of solving foundation problems by using your foundation watering system with sensors and a new root barrier system called Bio-Barrier.

You explained the idea of keeping the soil under the foundation a constant moisture level and keeping the tree roots out to prevent de-stabilization of the foundation soil.

You stated that once we floated the soil to the desired level, your sensors would keep that level constant and the Bio-Barrier root barrier would prevent our numerous trees from sucking out additional water.

You also promised regular service checks to make sure everything was working well.

Well, four years later you are a man of your word. Our home is doing great. We’ve made the cosmetic repairs inside, doors, cabinets work great and you have made your promised service checks.

We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to help us. You are an innovative and honest businessman.

Oh yes, and the cost—your cost to us was $5,500. 90% less than the traditional foundation companies.

Thank you again. Please use us as a referral any time.

Mike S.

“My master bedroom brick cracks on both east and west side have almost closed completely. The east side of the house sheetrock cracks have closed, and in the master bathroom the door now latches properly.”

Kevin L.

“Since installation of your watering system we have noticed almost complete elimination of sticking interior doors. While interior wall cracks due to settling have not closed, they have been allayed and appear to have possibly diminished. Workmanship involving installation of the entire system was above average. There was a minimum amount of mess and disruption during the installation.”
William H.

“We had your foundation stabilization system installed on 11-10-88 in two of our houses. On one house the crack measured at 5 cm has now closed up to a 1 cm crack, and on the other house, the 3 cm crack has closed up to a 2 cm crack.”
Gary S.

“Our columns on the front porch were hanging ½” to ¾” above the concrete, and are now tight. A sheetrock crack closed ¼” in 5 weeks. Many doors we can now use without force. The patio seam was 1” low and has closed ½” to ¾”.
Bill N.

“My bedroom door that would not come close to shutting is now closing easily with no problem.”

Also, I have been most impressed with your response time in returning our calls whenever we have called with questions about the system.

You can be assured that we will highly recommend your company to anyone with similar settling problems.
Karen H.