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Why Do Foundations Crack?

1. 100% of all foundations rest upon the Earth’s soil. When the supporting soil moves, your foundation moves with it.

2. What causes the soil to move?
Soil moves erratically because of moisture content. The soil either has too much or too little moisture causing the soil to shrink or expand with a force of up to1500 p.s.i. per cubic foot. The average home exerts 3 of 7 p.s.i. of downward pressure.

3. How do I stop this from damaging my home?
The solution is to stabilize the soil beneath your foundation. Stabilizing soil is an easy concept to understand, but not easy to implement. The basic principle is to maintain constant moisture in the supporting soil (not the surface soil). The supporting soil is down deep under the grade beam of your home.

4. How do I maintain moisture under my home?
Moisture is maintained by implementing a Foundation Guard™ Subsurface Moisture Control System around the perimeter of your home’s grade beam.

5. How does it work?
The precision controller by Foundation Guard™ delivers exactly-measured, minute quantities of water under very low pressure to each zone. This allows the water to migrate through the soil’s architecture without erosion. Our research and development spans 23 years and our current system includes features like a state-of-the-art timer programmed for 12 months based on your zip code but over ridden when necessary
as our system also continually monitors on site and real time, the key factors that affect evaporation then communicates that calculation to the timer which then commands the system to water more or less. We introduce a non-systemic herbicide with every cycle that, while it will not harm your plants, does not allow root development in a three inch diameter around our subterranean slow delivery pipe. Our narrow trench is dug entirely by hand to reduce the chance for damage to your property and when we are done you will generally see little evidence we had been there!

6. Will a soaker hose laid around my home work?
Unless you are willing and able to extensively water every foot of your foundation for one hour continually twice a day you will have little effect with this approach!
No, a soaker hose laid on top of the ground is a waste of your time, materials, water and money. Applying water on top of the ground will do little to help your foundation. Moisture must be applied down deep to the supporting soil--the soil that your foundation rests upon. Applying water to the surface will evaporate, run off, or be used by the surrounding vegetation long before it has a chance to migrate down to the supporting soils of your foundation.

7. The Foundation Guard™ Subsurface Moisture Control System is relatively maintenance free. Foundation Guard™ will replace your root guard filter once per year, flush system and make any adjustment necessary.